Bringing Agronomic Expertise and Dedicated Service to Every Field. 

Tri-Tech Ag nutrient management plans and crop protection programs feed the soil, control pest pressure, and create an environment where crops thrive.

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Tri-Tech agronomists tailor nutrient management plans and crop protection recommendations to meet the unique needs at each field. We combine lab analyses of soil, water, and plant tissue with field history and boots on the ground observation to design protocols that improve soil quality, enhance nutrient uptake efficiency, and prevent pest pressure.  


Good nutrition, water availability, aeration, and a healthy microbial community produce strong crops resilient to biotic and abiotic stress. Years of field experience have taught us that the best crops are produced when implement protocols to prevent salinity buildup, improve soil aggregation, and encourage healthy microbial growth. Healthy soils, along with good irrigation and fertilizer application practices result in better nutrient and water use efficiency, lower pest pressure, and less damage due to extreme weather or other stressors.

Field conditions vary widely according to soil type, crop, weather, pest pressure, and many other factors. Please use this soil health guide as a baseline to evaluate your soil quality and make improvements in salinity, compaction, water infiltration, nutrient availability, and more. Tri-Tech’s certified crop advisers can recommend management practices tailored to your soil and your crop’s specific needs.

MyAgronomist web-based software and mobile app by Tri-Tech Ag Products, Inc.

MyAgronomist is a powerful tool connecting growers, irrigators, and crop consultants.

Tri-Tech’s Certified Crop Advisers create customized Nutrient Management Plans based on soil testing and your unique field conditions. Learn more by visiting our app website below.

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